Correct Motor Direction

Download the VESC Tool from this link
After downloading, open the program and connect your VESC to your computer with the included USB cord (found in the grey anti-static bag the VESC came in). Be sure to plug it in the MASTER side of the VESC


1.) Connect the the VESC by clicking the connect button at the top right of the screen. 

If you get the popup that the firmware is too old/new please contact us for the correct version. 

2.) Click the M and A button with the UP arrow to read the current configurations.

3.) Navigate to the Motor Settings, General Tab

4.) Click the refresh button

5.) There are two check boxes next to the "Inverted Text". Your selections may not look the same as mine (both/neither/either one could be selected). You will need to make each box the opposite of what it currently is, so if it is checked, un-check it and vise versa. 

6.) Now make sure the wheels/belts can spin freely with nothing in the way. Press the Fwd button for each section and ensure it now spins the wheel in the correct orientation. If it does not, check/un-check the box and try again until the wheels spin as pictured.

7.) After the wheels are spinning in the proper direction, click the M with a DOWNWARD arrow to save the configuration. 

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