GPS Skate Tracker Installation

  1. Wire the included JST connector wires to the input voltage. The black wire will go to P- of the BMS and the red wire will go to the batteries positive terminal
  2. Drill a hole in your enclosure for the switch. Then feed the wires through the enclosure and plug in the switch.
  3. Go to: and follow the activation instructions. I recommend the 300 text plan that is just under $5/month
  4. Pop open the GPS device and place the sim car in the tray. Flip the little switch to the on position and then close the device back up.
  5. Make sure all of the wiring is correct, and then push in the black switch until it latches.
  6. Give the tracker 5-10 minutes to activate, find a signal, and start communicating with the cell towers.
  7. Text the number USMobile provide you: **1234 **and the trackers location should be returned to you in under 2 minutes. You can also text the tracker: **cs **and a bunch of information will be returned\, the value labeled Vol: xxxV is the input voltage (should be your esk8's battery).
  8. If you do not get anything back from the tracker, remove the lid and look at the lights. Take the tracker outside and allow it to establish a connection. Also, verify there is USMobile service where you are:

The lights on the tracker correspond to:

Red (Power)

  • Always on: Device Error
  • Slow flashing: Working normally off of built in battery
  • Quick Flashing: Working normally off of input voltage

Blue (GSM)

  • Always on: No GSM Signal
  • Slow flashing: Working normally, receiving data
  • Quick Flashing: Working normally, uploading data

Green (GPS)

  • Always on: Searching for GPS signal
  • Quick Flashing: Working normally

There is an app available, but it requires you to add data to your USMobile plan. The app is called GPSdd and your username is the IMEI number on the tracker and the default password is 123456